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Show in Detroit, MI last night

Well, I was lucky enough to see Dope live again. Just as amazing as the first time, if not more so. The crowd rocked and Edsel is just fucking awesome live. The great thing about the place I was at is that there are no seats, just an audience floor, so you can get as close to the stage as you want! And yes, I was as close as possible. =D

So, anyway, the songs played:

- "Fuck Tha Police"
- "Survive"
- "Debonaire"
- "Bastard"
- "I'm Back"
- "Sick"
- "Everything Sucks"
- "Spin Me Round"
- "Now or Never"
- "Motivation"
- "Bring It On"
- "Die Motherfucker Die"

Oh, and I got to meet Edsel after the show! My friend and I hung out at the back of the building for about an hour until he came out. Very cool guy. I got a picture, an autograph, and a hug! The hug was awesome. I even said to him, "Oh my God, you feel so good!" lol ^_^

And just to prove it's mine... (and because I'm a dork)

It's all I had on me. I considered asking him to sign my tits, but I decided that, although I'd REALLY like him to touch my goodies, I'd like to have something that would last...
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