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Win The *ULTIMATE* Dope Prize Package!!!

The 2006 Dope New Year Contest
Through the amazing kindness of someone who wishes to remain unnamed, a *HUGE* Dope prize package has been donated to give away.

All you have to do is send in a picture of you and any member of Dope, past or present. One winner will be randomly drawn to win all these great prizes.

You can enter more than once, but only one entry per picture. So, if you have 5 different pictures of you with a member of Dope, then you can enter five times. It's that darned easy!!!

And what will the randomly drawn winner receive??? Check this out . . .

1 copy of Felons & Revolutionaries
1 copy of Life
1 copy of Felons For Life
1 copy of Group Therapy
1 copy of American Apathy
1 copy of Black-N-Blues
1 copy of Take A Bite Outta Rhyme (feat. Dope's cover of New Jack Hustler)
1 copy of Stairway To Rock (feat. Dope's cover of Black Dog)
1 copy of WWF Forceable Entry (feat. Dope's No Chance)

*PLUS* an autographed American Apathy tour poster, a Sex Machine t-shirt and a 1 year paid subscription to Metal Edge.

What more could you want?!?!?!?

Send your entries to:

All entries must be received by Friday, January 13, 2006. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Saturday, January 14, 2006.

Good luck!!!
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